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While clearly playing off of the popularity of the summer's biggest blockbuster hit: Top Gun: Maverick, the goal of this campaign for Theta Xi Fall Rush was much larger than that. No film that I have seen recently effectively captures nostalgia to build anticipation, excitement, and thrill like Top Gun: Maverick, all of which are elements that I believe should be highlighted leading up to and during Rush. Not only is it an exciting new time for rushees full of anticipation for the future, but it is also a nostalgic and thrilling experience for brothers. 

Theta Xi Fall Rush 2022 red white & blue.png
Theta Xi Fall Rush 2022.jpg
Rush Theta Xi Top Gun Pocket.png
custom Top Gun-inspired marks


What I had believed to be our primary Rush video had been released at the end of July to begin building excitement about Rush and the upcoming semester. However, with the Top Gun theme in mind, I could not help but bring one more special project to life. Essentially a recreation of the original Top Gun film's opening sequence with the 2022 version of Harold Faltermeyer's iconic "Top Gun Anthem," this video was instantly the highlight of this campaign. Posted on the first day of Rush, I wanted to utilize the building anticipation of Top Gun's opening sequence to instill the same expectation and excitement towards Rush. I am most proud of the fact that this video served to be more than a hype video for potential rushees - it seemed to get brothers excited for the long days of Rush ahead.

The names featured are Theta Xi's Fall 2022 Rush Chairs, Executive Board, and Rush Committee members.

Theta Xi Top Gun rush back.png


Rounding out the Top Gun Rush campaign are the Rush shirts. Designed in partnership with Jamison Pointe, the primary design features a "Beta Alpha" Maverick helmet-wearing dog with the iconic aviators. Theta Xi has not produced a Rush shirt since the fall 2020 semester (my associate semester) which also featured a dog. 

Rush Theta Xi Top Gun Pocket.png
front pocket


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